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clean and safe drinking water from virtually any source within minutes

lifewater, an arm of Watchmen International (a UK-based Christian charity), was birthed in 2006 from a project in East Africa. lifewater places water purification systems in homes, schools and health centres – places where they will provide the maximum benefit to the most vulnerable people.

Each lifewater kit contains a ceramic filter which removes 99.99% of all bacteria, cysts, parasites and suspended solids by filtering the water down to 0.9 microns. The colloidal silver, acting as an anti-bacterial agent, keeps the filter in a sterile condition throughout its lifetime. These simple and highly effective water purification systems are changing the lives of thousands of people in developing nations.

lifewater distributes two types of water purification system:

Static lifewater Kit
This kit, coupled with locally available
plastic bins, provides up to 10 litres
of safe drinking water per hour.
Overnight a bin full of dirty water is
transformed into purified drinking
water. Each lifewater system provides up to 150 litres of clean and safe drinking water per day.

Emergency lifewater Kit
This kit is ready for immediate use and is ideal for emergency situations. The ceramic filter is fixed inside a durable plastic bag designed to be hung from a suitable place, providing safe drinking water within minutes (up to 5 litres per hour).

Below is a short video filmed in Uganda showing how easy it is to assemble a Lifewater kit.

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