The technology

Safe drinking water for families at the point of use

How the water purification kit works

Micro filtration

Using tried and tested gravity-siphon ceramic filter technology the ceramic filter element mechanically filters the drinking water down to 0.9μm, thereby removing pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts which cause life-threatening water-borne diseases


The ceramic filter is impregnated with colloidal silver, a known antibacterial agent which keeps the filter in a sterile condition throughout its lifespan.

Siphon action

Water is absorbed into the ceramic candle’s hollow chamber. The filtered water is then drawn out by means of a siphon tube at a rate of up to 10 litres per hour into a clean water storage container.

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Benefits of Lifewater systems

Simple to set up

The Lifewater system can be easily set up and working within minutes wherever there is a source of fresh water. No external source of power is required to set up or maintain it.

Easy to maintain

The top bucket is filled and topped up with water from almost any freshwater source. The ceramic filter is easily cleaned once or twice a week by lightly rubbing with a scourer.


Using locally sourced strong plastic buckets, the Lifewater system is a robust system designed even for harsh conditions found in developing nations.


The ceramic filter has been tried and tested over many years and will maintain a adequate flow rate of clean and safe drinking water throughout its life.

Free of bad-tasting chemicals

The Lifewater system rids the water of disease-causing bacteria and parasites without adding any chemicals to purify the water.

Safe storage

The Lifewater system provides safe storage of water at the point of use, where the filtered water is only accessed through the tap provided.

Low cost

A single filter Lifewater system will provide enough clean and safe drinking water for up to 100 children for a whole year, costing around £0.35p per child per year.

Long-term savings

The filtered water is ready for drinking without the added cost of boiling the water saving much money and time.

Frequently asked questions

A. The ceramic filter element mechanically filters the drinking water down to 0.9μm removing pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts which cause water-borne diseases.

The Lifewater kits filter water at a rate of approximately 10 litres per hour. If the water source is turbid then we recommend the water is pre-filtered to preserve the life of the filter.

C. The Lifewater kits contain everything needed to set up a water purification system within minutes, in any location. All that is required at the point of need is two locally sourced water storage containers.

The lifetime of the water purification filter depends on the turbidity of the water being filtered. However, we recommend that filters used in a family context are replaced after 24 months of use.

E. Each kit costs £35 to sponsor and each kit has the potential to provide clean and safe drinking water for up to 60 adults or 100 children per day. That’s a small investment for a significant impact. Make a donation to Lifewater today.

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