Kasiita Kyabaritwa distribution

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Kasiita Kyabaritwa distribution

Kasiita Kyabaritwa distribution

The completed distribution was in Kyabaritwa village, Kasiita subcounty, Kakumiro district, Uganda. According to the water supply atlas by 18th December, 2018, Kakumiro district had a population of above 1000 people. A safe water access rate of 19%, functionality of point of water sources of 67% with the highest population being served by deep boreholes and communally managed.

We were informed by the local village leaders of Kyabaritwa village that their village had no borehole so their only sources of water were the stagnant ponds and rain water collection point which they share with their livestock. Due to this there is a high prevalence of water borne diseases in the area yet they have only one health centre 5 that serves the whole district. This is the reason they were a priority to receive this donation.


The journey

We set off for the distribution on 10th December, 2018 from Kyaka. Boaz and Caleb met Lazarus in Nabingola where Pr. Geoffrey Kagurusi loaded the filters from Pastor John’s house where they had been kept. Pr Geoffrey travelled with Caleb in his car while Boaz and Lazarus used private transport to the area of distribution. We arrived at Kasiita at 6:30pm.

We then checked into Traveller’s care hotel and lodge in Kasiita town where Pastor Geoffrey had booked for the team. We were also joined by a gentleman from Butorongo Mubende to see how the distribution was being carried out.


The distribution

The distribution commenced on the next day the 11th December, 2018 to 14th December, 2018. The distribution was well attended by the beneficiaries and the village leaders that included the following;

  • The Local council 1 chairman
  • Sub county councillor
  • Sub county health inspector
  • News Radio presenters.

As Boaz and one of the AYA members were carrying out registration, the other AYA members were helping Pastor Caleb make holes in the buckets. We trained the beneficiaries and distributed kits to the following number of people on the respective days.

DAY ONE 11/12/2018 30 PEOPLE
DAY TWO 12/12/2018 30 PEOPLE
DAY THREE 13/12/2018 30 PEOPLE
DAY FOUR 14/12/2018 35 PEOPLE


Our sessions’ highlights and recordings were read and played in the news respectively.

They informed listeners of the great opportunity that had been extended to some village members by AALL foundation through Lifewater Uganda. They extended their sincere gratitude to AALL foundation through Lifewater for granting them an opportunity to drink clean and safe water. They encouraged the beneficiaries to use the filters well so that the rest of the village can be extended this opportunity. They also informed the next days’ beneficiaries not to miss out.

Due to this, our training sessions were very well attended by even those who were not able to receive on this particular distribution. We had more than 50 people in the sessions all excited to see the new filtration technology they had heard on the radio.

In the speeches and closing remarks, the village leaders of Kyabaritwa village informed us that they had a great challenge of accessing safe water for drinking or domestic use. Their main water sources are the stagnant swamp ponds and rain water collection points. They were grateful to God for answering their prayers and extending to them this opportunity.



Most of the beneficiaries who are so poor said they would never have afforded to buy the kit yet they had lost so many to water borne diseases. They were so grateful that they have benefited.

The sub-county councillor appreciated Watchmen International for extending this opportunity to her village and requested that this support continues for the other villages in her area.

Former recipients of Lifewater from the neighbouring village also extended their sincere gratitude to the donors for the great health they have extended to their families. They talk of improved health and reduced expenditure.



The AYA members made a commitment to carry out monitoring in the village. The village Health Inspector also promised to work with the monitors to see that the systems are used as directed. Some of the people who attended the distribution yet they had not earlier registered to receive the kits did not receive the kits as they were not enough.

These had hope that kits would be brought for them from the office since they attended the training. It was sad to see them disappointed but they are very hopeful that next time they will be considered.



Kasiita Sub County in Kakumiro district is yet another area that has very many unsafe water sources for drinking. Thank God for AALL foundation the situation has changed for some families. Many more families live in the hope that theirs’ will change too. Thank you AALL foundation for making this happen.